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First Community Church of Southborough Massachusetts
First Community Church of Southborough
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Sunday Fellowship


Fellowship is an expression of community and also a way to nurture it. This is a particular strength of our church. Because of our status as a small church, we are relationship-oriented rather than program-oriented. This does not mean that we do not offer a variety of programs, all of which are designed to help people grow in the faith; it means that our relationships are more central to who we are than is our structure.

Under the category of Fellowship we also include the pastoral ministry of this church to its members and the wider community. Our Sunday bulletin lists the name of our pastor. However, under the title or category of “Ministers” you will read, “The Members of Our Church.” Our pastor provides pastoral care and counseling to our church family, but we all provide pastoral care to each other as we reach out to each other and hold each other in our prayers. This is an important part of the fellowship that we share with one another.

In our church, everyone who is active to some degree knows every other person who is active. This is truly a church where “everybody knows your name.” We see ourselves as a viable alternative to the large, formal, structured, program-oriented churches in that we offer an experience of community that is sadly missing from families, neighborhoods, communities, and sometimes even churches.

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