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First Community Church of Southborough Massachusetts
First Community Church of Southborough
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Church in 1800's
Church in early 1900's
Methodist Church now a private home
First Community Church of Southborough present day

Our History

Records show the Second Congregational Church of Southborough as having gathered on January 18, 1865 as the guns of the Civil War still blazed, and our nation was not yet one hundred years old. In 1871, the building in which we continue to worship was dedicated to the service of God.

The area developed with the coming of the railroad in 1835 and the appearance of mills on the Sudbury river. In 1900 a steeple with bell was added to give the building a more churchlike appearance. At the same time, the road in front of the building was raised by the state to allow a bridge over the nearby railroad tracks to be constructed.

As the mills grew silent the village became more of a suburban area with numerous “summer cottages” for the city folk. The Methodist Episcopal Church, located nearby in the village, closed its doors, uniting with the Congregationalists as well as a new community branch to become the “First Federated Church” in 1922.

The church was often led by part time pastors who were simultaneously attending theological seminaries in the Boston area. Over the years the small flock of dedicated parishioners have continued to update the building with more modern efficiencies.

In 1969, recognizing the true independent nature of the congregation, the three branches were dissolved and the name changed to “The First Community Church of Southborough.”

More recent years have seen a complete refurbishment of the kitchen, a new parking lot and a new organ. In 2015 we celebrated our sesquicentennial. The spirit of the founding members of 1865 continues to live on.


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